Tech Rider’s Dilemma | Exhibition | Marginal | Bucharest (RO)

Broken Shimmer Generator at
Tech Rider’s Dilemma

Vila Rodizio
Strada Ion Luca Caragiale 32
București 030167, Romania

Tech Rider’s Dilemma tackles problems related to new media survival, heritage with a focus on art & science / technology and various forms of technical dysfunctions in electronic artworks, caused by the dynamics of obsolescence, practices based on improvisation and a penury of inter- and trans-disciplinary collaborations in Romania.

Curators: Suzana Dan & Andrei Tudose | Artists: Antoni Rayzhekov, Ioana Vreme-Moser, kinema ikon, Silvia Niculae, Darsha Hewitt, Drujba Collective, Sabina Suru, Mara Oglakci | Research contributors: Pip Laurenson, Dr. Ana-Maria Udrea (INFLPR), Dr. Cristina Achim (INFLPR), drd. Adina Rau (INCDFP), drd. Vlad Toma (INFLPR), gH, Antoni Rayzhekov, Alexandra Costea | PR & Communication: Simona Radoi & Anca Maco