Exhibition | Künstlerhaus Dortmund (DE)

WHAT COMES MEX – 30 Jahre Krach?
27 August – 2 October 2022
Soft opening
Friday, 26 August, 6 – 10 pm
Künstlerhaus Dortmund

Darsha Hewitt, Jan van IJken & Jana Winderen, Olsen, Pfeifer & Kreutzer, Joanna Schulte, Vera Vorneweg, mextensions

For 30 years, mex has been providing sonorous surprises at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund and has since invited 700 artists from all over the world. To mark the anniversary, the space will once again be filled with sound installations and more.

The exhibited works are experiments with windscreen wipers or winky cats, plankton or record players and they amaze in the most diverse ways. For example, the sun becomes the moon, an office chair gets spinning vertigo and sounds from the Arctic get a face. The supporting programme will also include concerts and activities that are characteristic of mex and, together with the exhibition, should make every sound art heart beat faster…