Tower/The Lookout

Tower and the Lookout are photographic works that transpose the motor hood of the Trolli 35 lawnmower into the high definition setting of present day consumer electronics design and marketing aesthetics. The Trolli was one of the standard lawnmowers made and used in the former German Democratic Republic from 1962-1989. The photographs treat this worn down domestic object as a rarified object of luxury and desire. By concealing and revealing its attributes, viewers are compelled to step into the mysterious universe of the Trolli and confront up close how the glossiness of its setting falls away as the detail of its embattled and timeworn patina takes over.

Both Tower and the Lookout are part of the Soziale Sollbruchstelle Series of artworks. More on this project can be read about in the Soziale Sollbruchstelle Vol. 1 Publication. All works in this series can be found here.