Shimmer Generators V.3D

“Shimmer Generators V.3D” is an installation consisting of two Sideman 5000 drum machines with exposed electromechanical hardware.

The very rare Sideman 5000, is the world’s first commercially available drum machine and was invented by Wurlitzer and brought to market in 1959. Though this electro-mechanical musical instrument was built to be repaired and serviced as it aged, it had a rather short commercial life. It was quite giant, weighting over 70 pounds, very expensive and rapidly being replaced by much smaller transistor based electronics, most Sidemans ended up in the garbage. These photos are part of the artist’s media-archeological dive into the machine.

This is a sister artwork to Shimmer Generators V.2D and A Sideman 5000 Adventure

Photo credit: Hannes Woidich