Spring Exhibitions//Events

* 09.03-18.08.2019 // Carbon + Light: Juan Geuer`s Luminous Precision // Electrostatic Bell Choir // Ottawa Art Gallery // Curator: Caroline Langill // Ottawa CA

* 29.-30.01.2019 // 7:30-8:30 // Artist Talk // / Ottawa Art Gallery CA

Still On View
* 18.03.-14.07.2019 // Computer GRRRLS // Shimmer Generators + Sideman 5000 Adventure // la Gaîté Lyrique // Curators: Inke Arns, Marie Lechner // Paris FR

Impressions from Resonate Lecture

“Darsha Hewitt, a hilarious new media artist from Canada, showed her electromechanical sound installations based on junks and discarded machines/electronics, describing her attitude as opening the box and discovering how machines work.”

4th day at Resonate 16 with Squarepusher, Atau Tanaka and Darsha Hewitt
Article in SounDesign Magazine
by Carlo Ascrizzi
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