20 Oscillators in 20 Minutes

20 OSCILLATORS IN 20 MINUTES is an experimental music performance/technical challenge/standup comedy act where I attempt to build twenty sound generating oscillators in twenty minutes. This involves fabricating small electronic circuits with wires, chips, small components and nine volt batteries under the pressure of limited time and audience expectation. The sound waves generated by the oscillators are square-ish in nature and range from low frequency dramatic heart beat like thumping to painful squealing chaos that occurs when the circuits are inevitably improperly wired due to stress and failure. This work is a test of my technical abilities and an experiment in working with live troubleshooting as a method of musical improvisation.

This work is written about in ‘Art + DIY Electronics’ by Garnet Hertz. A video overview of the chapter can be viewed here.

Selected Presentations:
32. Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg (DE)
Frameless, M├╝nchen (DE)
K├╝nstlerhaus Dortmund (DE)
APO33, Nantes (FR)
Piksel Festival, Bergen (NO)
Modern Art Oxford (UK)
New Music Festival, Vancouver (CA)
Le Labo, Toronto (CA)